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Huts, chalets, rooms and cabanas for a revitalising stay.

All of our rooms are unique and within easy walking distance of the inn Room reservations. The old barn with its cozy rooms lays just across from the inn: Sleeping in the stable. Deep in the forest, the perfect starting off point for stroll through nature Rehleinhütte. Behind the inn, at the forest's edge is the Jagdhütte. Up amongst the treetops are our Baumhäuser. On the mountainside with spectacular views are our Bird nests. A very special experience is a stay in our cabanas in our Glashaus, In the middle of our array of plants. You can find a map of our accomodation here: Map  .

We look forward to your visit!

Sleeping in the stable

Sleeping in the stable in pure naturalness.





Fuchs- und Hennezimmer

Rehlein Hütte

For a romantic night in the middle of the forest. A starting point for wonderful hikes and nature experiences..

Rehlein Hütte

For a romantic night in the middle of the forest. A starting point for wonderful hikes and nature experiences.


Where fox and hare say good night. The hunting lodge is just behind the Wirtshaus Steirereck.


Where fox and hare say good night. The hunting lodge is just behind the Wirtshaus Steirereck.

Vogelhäuser am Pogusch

Bird houses at the Pogusch at 1,100 meters "On the Schneid".

Specht Vogelhaus

Uhu Vogelhaus

Kuckuck Vogelhaus

Gimpel Vogelhaus


A walk in the clouds... Hidden in the forest you can find our tree houses.

Baumhaus Teichwiese

Baumhaus Waldlichtung

Baumhaus Stollinggraben

Baumhaus Himmelreich


A garden and a bed under glass

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A garden and a bed under glass

Our friendship with many of the best farmers and horticulturalists has often led us to some very special places. The beauty and diversity of nature, the changing colours and scents of the seasons have given us some wonderful moments. Often these special places were in glass houses, surrounded by plants and flowers. Here we have shared with firends food, wine and revelry.

We would like to create similar special moments for our guests. We have created 10 cabanas in the midst of our abundant glass houses. True to our philosophy of harmony and partnership with nature a stay in one of our cabanas is an unique experience. Reduced and minimalist but with the greatest possible comfort.

Our glass house is a 'Kaltglashaus', this means that the temperature changes with the seasons in balance with the plants within. This plays a role in our self-sufficiency and energy concept. The cabanas are snug, heated nooks scattered throughout the glass house.

Every cabana is panelled in a different native wood and furnished with a double bed.

On the ground-floor every cabana has its own dedicated, lockable storage equipped with everything you will need for your stay. The generously appointed bathrooms are shared between the cabanas.

There is a maple sauna on the first floor, a tea station with our own fresh and dried herbs, and a cozy room with fireplace that lends itself to reading, chatting and relaxation.

Table in the inn

When you reserve a room at Pogusch we will automatically reserve a space for you in our inn or our "Schankkuchl", please let us know which you would prefer. Space in the "Schankkuchl" is, unfortunately, limited.


Wednesday from 17.00
Thursday to Saturday from 12.00


Thursday to Saturday from 17.00

Pogusch news

Architecture Award of Styria 2023

Our Steirereck am Pogusch has won another architecture prize!

This time it's awarded by the Land of Styria in cooperation with the Haus der Architektur in Graz.

We love following comment by curator Indira van ' Klooster:

"The Steirereck am Pogusch establishes a close relationship with nature, both in the way the project works with local materials and in the way it forms an enclosed human habitat that functions as a regional node in the network of food production for gastronomy. PPAG architects have created a unique architectural language by respecting the conditions of the past, applying a transparent form-follows-function principle, and practicing the reuse or repurposing of materials wherever possible. The result is an eclectic ensemble that provides inspiration for present and future challenges in Styria and beyond."

We thank all the experts who have realized this project together with us!


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By helicopter to the Wirtshaus Steirereck at Pogusch

Would you like to give (yourself) something very special? How about a helicopter flight to the Pogusch? We wish you a good flight and await you with a fine meal.